Create and administer invoices easily. Before start make sure that you setup branch defaults, it includes payment method, payment term, auto numbering and taxes. Customer billing or primary address and contact are defaulted on the invoice during the creation.


New invoices are set as Draft and a draft number is assigned to invoice while you work on it. Upon releasing an invoice, the invoice is set as Outstanding, final number is assigned and cannot be changed. Invoice is set automatically as Paid when a full payment is added. Outstanding invoices can be Canceled or Write-Off


Quickly search and select multiple items. Item information (price, cost, name and others) is copied to the invoice so information persist even if you change item information later.


Charges allows you to add discounts or surcharges, charges can be a fixed amount or percentage.


Taxes are defaulted from company settings if any. But you can add or remove taxes as need during edit.


After the invoice is release you can add payment to the invoice, just tap on the Add Payment button. If invoice is paid in full then then the invoice status will be set as Paid otherwise it will be set as Partial.


Tap on the print icon on the toolbar to print the current invoice.


Workers can create and administer only their invoices. Manager can access to invoice created by people assigned to him. Administrator can access to all invoices.