Changing the way
gets things done

Our apps include many features designed to make it easier for your business to put applications in the hand of employees.

inventory for business app for iPhone

iOS inventory management barcode scanner app for iPhone and iPad

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iOS invoice managementapp for iPhone and iPad

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iOS expenses management app for iPhone and iPad

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iOS time entry management app for iPhone and iPad

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iOS Make and Print QR/Barcode labels app for iPhone and iPad

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Enterprise Class

Enterprise level with convenient and affordable prices for business.

Responsive across devices

Empower every employee

To help give your employees the best experience on mobile we’ve combined enterprise app development with back-end system integration using the world’s leading services (Amazon Web Services). Our business apps give you a peace of mind on infrastructure to share data between employees and keep the apps updated with latest features in the most simple way posible.

Apps to change how you work

With a new model for supporting and deploying apps, it’s easier than ever for any business to offer employees the choice of apps at work. The entire experience is simple, flexible, and friendly — exactly what you’d expect.


True multi-user apps from the ground.

Collaborate your way.

Work with anyone, anywhere using our powerful apps. Start protecting your business and have control over employees access and activities. Administer all employees access rights from the app, assign role and monitor device access.

Predefined standard roles is the easiest way to limite users to perform a specific activity, such as view, create, or modify data.

Multi-branch is a key feature that allows you to limite access and separate operation by branch, whenever a branch is a store, location or department.

multi-user apps for iPhone


We deliver secure mechanisms to control access to your data from outside and inside of your business.

Responsive across devices

Peace of mind

All apps provide two factor authentication which allows you to increase security by authorizing every device before it can access to the system.

Touch ID and Face ID ready, allow employees to use the most convenient security access mechanism, for faster and secure access.

Built-in access lists is the most granular way to grant access to objects, create access lists and grant access to users, roles or branches. Then associate the access list to selected objects that accept this feature (items on the Inventory for Business app).