Multiple Locations

Locations can be physical locations within your storage space. Typical locations are warehouses, aisles, stands, bins, etc. Enabling multiple locations allows you to have more accurate descriptions of where your items are stored. Enabling this option will add the Location attribute to your items.

Direct Transit

Direct Transit is used for moving items from one branch to another. Direct Transit allows you to move an item from one branch to another and automatically adjust the stock in each branch by reducing the number of items in the source branch and increasing it in the target branch once the item has arrived accordingly.

Multiple Branches

If your plan allows multiple branches allows you to separate operations by branch. Each branch can also have multiple locations. Enabling this option will display the Branch attribute in your items and enable branch-security level. Branches are associated to users under the user settings, at least one branch is required per user.

Multiple Currencies

If multiple currencies is disabled, your system’s currency is used. If you need to use more than one currency, enable the option and the corresponding currency will be shown in each item.

Default Units

Define your default currency, unit of measure and type of code you will be using.


Choose between many code types to customize your own codes for labeling within your organization.

Item Options

The Hide Price option allows you to hide the price of your items in case you don’t want users to see it.

Transaction Type

You can set your transactions to Auto to increase/decrease the item quantity by using the + and – buttons on the items. This will update the stock accordingly. Now you can grant access to the transaction types to limit user action when adjusting stock. Navigate to Settings> Attributes > Transactions > Transaction Type to assign access list, roles or user to transaction types. Transaction type Auto uses 'Outbound' and 'Inbound' transaction types, so if you want to limit access to reduce stock to some users, then limit access to the 'Outbound' transaction type.

Direct Transfer

Items are transferred from one location to another. Direct Transfer allows you to move an item from one location to another and automatically adjust the stock in each location by reducing the number of items in the source location and increasing it in the target location accordingly.