Create new item

Administrators and Managers can create new items. Item details are highly customizable so the fields available to load information about the item detail will depend on your settings (see Attributes). Default item information includes: item photo, name, category, brand, price, UPC and vendors but you can add more to cater to your specific needs. Item security is also set here.

Edit Item

Only the owner of the item can edit the information. if a Worker is part of the ownership of the item can edit it as well.

Item Security

There are two different attributes to limit item access (Owner and Access). Only the Owner can edit and delete the item and users with access to the item can only view it. When creating an item, the Owner is set with the current user and Everyone has access to view the item by default. It is recommended to use Access List when changing those two attributes, specially the Access , it is recommend to use Access List to simplify the maintenance.

Adjust Stock

Tap on the ‘Adjust Stock’ button on the item or over the item location to adjust stock. When selecting the Auto transaction type, you use negative numbers for stock outbound and positive numbers for stock inbound. This transaction type is provided as default and in most of the scenario is the only one available. You can also set from company settings to use inbound or outbound tuples rather than Auto, in that case you must provide always positive numbers. You can also allow transfer between location from the company setting, then the Transfer transaction type will be available and the Location to will appear and it will be required.

Transaction type Security

You can grant access to transaction types to limit user actions while adjusting stock.