Scan codes using your device’s camera to access items. Scanner allows you to quickly perform action on scanned codes

Scanner Modes

We created 3 different actions (search, adjust, open) that are performed after the barcode is recognized. Scanner will look up into the set of items and bring any item that match the code recognized against UPC, SKU, serial number and part number. All 3 actions will list the item and perform the give action. “Search” will just list the item and continue scanning, “Adjust” will open the item for Adjust Stock and “Open” will open the Item.

Flash Modes

While scanning the torch button will be present at the top for devices with flash. The torch button have 3 status (flash off, auto and flash on). Auto status turn on/off the flash when necessary but it also continually calculates light exposure to improve barcode recognition.

Scanner Usage

The better device the better and faster barcode recognition. Ensure that there is plenty of light. Low-light situations cause lots of noise to camera image making barcode detecting impossible. Code is read when the camera makes focus on the object, help the camera to get focus by moving out/moving in the object from the camera. QR codes are designed to be used with cameras and barcode with laser machine. It is recommended to use QR codes for SKU code.